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Minds Through Space and Time - Valis

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PRESS RELEASE – The new record is out now!

Rock-trio VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System) are releasing their newest record, Minds Through Space and Time, tomorrow, October 5th. Minds Through Space and Time, the band’s fourth full-length album and first since 2009’s Dark Matter, will be available at all online digital outlets, with release on CD on November 1st and on 180 gram colored vinyl in December. The album was produced by Jack Endino (Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and Nirvana). Videos for songs “Silent Divinity” and “Space Station” can be viewed HERE.

Minds Through Space and Time is being released through Strange Earth Records, a new label launched by Van Conner that is partnered with the American wing of Germany’s Finetunes Digital Media Services. Van’s new venture seeks to fill a gap in the Northwest Music Scene with the new label serving as a hub for independent bands that have dedicated their lives to making great music. New music as well as tunes from Van’s vast archives of tunes that he and his friends have recorded over the years that never saw the light of day or have never been released online will be featured.

The Pacific-Northwest band is currently made up of former Screaming Trees band members Van Conner (bass, vocals) and his brother Patrick Conner (guitar, vocals), with Matt Vandenberghe (drums) rounding out these two original members. Formed in the basement of Mudhoney drummer Dan Peters back in 1996, VALIS began as a casual side project for both Conner and Peters along with Van’s brother Patrick (Kitty Kitty) and Kurt Danielson (TAD). In 1996, VALIS released their first record, a split release with Kitty Kitty on Frank Kozik’s Mans Ruin label followed by releases for the European label Lunasound, and Detroit’s Small Stone.

Over the years, the lineup has changed several times and has included the aforementioned Dan Peters, Kurt Danielson (TAD, Vaporland), Sean Hollister (King Krab), Adrian Makins (All Time High), as well as producer Wes Weresch. Matt Vandenberghe joined the lineup in 2008. Following the 2009 release of Dark Matter,

Van switched back to his native bass after Adrian left the band. On Minds Through Space and Time, Van and Patrick share the vocal duties, and Matt lays down the heavy groove.

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Van Conner – Vocals, Bass
Patrick Conner – Vocals, Guitar
Matt Vandenberghe – Drums


Van Conner has stepped out of the shadows and landed front and center in what can only be described as a total reinvention of self. Van, along with his younger brother Patrick and friend Matt Vandenbergh, has stepped up to the mic to man the helm of his their own personal rock ‘n’ roll Juggernaut. Nicking a hint of the psychedelic from Conner’s previous bands (Screaming Trees, Solomon Grundy and Gardener), VALIS takes a much more straight forward approach to music.

Sonically, it’s the equivelant to tearing down walls. With a thunderingly explosive rhythym section and and equally searing guitar licks VALIS is treading familiar ground in heavy riff laden rawk but with an incredible enthusiasm and lust that’s been somewhat lacking amoung the other survivors of post-grunge Seattle.

ValisFormed in the basement of Mudhoney drummer Dan Peters back in 1996, VALIS began as a casual side project for both Conner and Peters along with Van’s brother Patrick (Kitty Kitty) and Kurt Danielson (TAD). With no shortage of problems to be found in his other band Conner and company gradually shifted Valis to the front burner and by 1998 had replaced Peters with a full time drummer and released their first record, a split release with Kitty Kitty on Frank Kozik’s Mans Ruin Label. All veteran’s of the northwest scene the boys began paying their dues once again out on the club circuit, sharing bills with the likes of Fu Manchu and Queens of the Stone Age. With the demise of their label, VALIS signed with Sweden’s Lunasound Recordings and released their first full length recording “Vast Active Living Intelligence System” to rave critical reviews in 2002. A lot has happened to the band since then. Producer Wes Weresch officially joined as VALIS’s resident “Eno” figure adding theramin, keys an array of other sound producing gadgets to their sonic arsenal. Kurt left for parts unknown making way for long time friend Adrian Makins (Kitty Kitty) to add his considerable skills into the mix. Lastly, (and maybe most importantly) VALIS has found a new home right here in the U.S.A.

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It’s been a long winding road for VALIS. After a scene explosion to make the stock market bust of 1929 look tame and label debacle after label debacle, Van and the boys are finally able to get back to what they started out trying to do so many years ago. After inspiring countless bands and subgenres Van Conner has come back to the music that inspired him in the first place: Rock and Roll. The up and coming “Minds through Space and Time” is the kind of strong song writing and guteral psychedelic rock that could revitalize the northwests once supreme rock dynasty.

Former Band Members
Dan Peters – Drums
Kurt Danielson – Bass
Sean Hollister – Drums
Wes Weresch – Trip
Adrian Makins – Bass

Bio nicked from Copyright© Small Stone Recordings


1998: VALIS/Kitty Kitty Split CD/EP – Man’s Ruin Records (to be re-released on Strange Earth Records soon)

2002: Vast Active Living Intelligence System – Lunasound/Abstract

2004: Head Full of Pills – Small Stone

2005: Champions of Magic – Small Stone

2006: Sucking the 70’s 2 – Various Artists – Small Stone

2009: Dark Matter – Now on Itunes – CD Out April 14th- Small Stone

2009: Split Single with Kandi Coded – Volcom Entertainment

2009: Northwest Mind Meld – Various Artists – Small Stone – iTunes only